Oracle Siebel CRM IP 17 Guide part 2




So in part 1 -  here we ended on configuring our Database for Siebel and after success we should see something like that

And press Ok and Exit

If we need to add some more languages we repeat previous steps and choose add languages and again do that DB configuration for them too.

So after our DB management and Siebel SES and SAI went ok - we can finally see our OpenUI interface =))))

In earlier versions of IP17 we have to start our webservers for sai and ses manually from 



and to shutdown we do




If there are troubles with web server and you see that tomcat has difficulties to connect or handle request - it is a good idea to turn off both webz and turn on again.


So FINALLY we go to 


and see 


For the first login we use the password that we selected while installing SAI! And after - the one for SADMIN at BD ( when we did sqlplus )

Automatically we see a Gateway setup ( or Gateway cluster for more contemporary versions)

When we finish that - we are promted to enter test user pass and login to test our connection.

And after sucsess we can proceed.


Setting Up Enterprice

Afterwards we go to SIEBEL deployement and press +

Choose our Enterprice click Deploy and Submit.

Setting up Siebel Serve

Creating profile

And in same way we go to Deployement and click Deploy and Submit for our Server Profile

It can take a while - because our server instance is being launched in services and preparing for work.

10-15 mins

We also need to assign licenses to our Siebel

go to

C:\Siebel\ses\siebsrvr  and  launch licensekeymodule.bat

Login and select nesessary components

And apply

Check the Siebel Server in our OS services and launch it if it is down

Time to create our application interfaces. In same manner we need to create profiles in SMC