Sharing design system journeys featuring Moneta Money Bank and Socialbakers.

- Honza Valder, Petr Moravec & Tomáš Marák from Moneta Money Bank.
- Luděk Černocký from Socialbakers.



Don't  go for Design System if your product sucks. 

 - Luděk Černocký from Socialbakers.






Actually I came occasionally to this meetup, led by my friend who are in design and UX now and was waiting for some simple design discussions there. After all - I was visiting Prague since a long while and was up for any adventures. But when we came - it looked much more pleasant then I expected - nice people - charming Host =)  Some free sandwiches and beer - AND some cool stickers and badges from Red Hat and other contributors. Actually I was surprised to see Red Hat as the main Partner of this meetup, because I heard of them as open source linux enterprise solutions. But after tuning into theme of meetup, I even found it quite interesting, from my, more engineering point of view. Actually I guess people in that circles call engineers those who work with backend and such stuff, but still.... =))))

Main moto of this meetup was = Bringing Designers and Engineers together! Well Thumbs Up!   Main guest were really TOP guys:

- 1st -  Crew that made local Bank Design system and whole their web stuff, including payments, online banking stuff and so on... wrapped up in their own DS.  Honza Valder, Petr Moravec & Tomáš Marák from Moneta Money Bank.


- 2nd - dude was alone, but seemed to be monster DS =)     - Luděk Černocký from Socialbakers. Just check out their website >


Well - good luck to #CzechDSC   - Chainer Approves !!! 

And btw thanks for the badge and stickers =P









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